Energie theme

  • Household behavior in the housing sector in an attempt to reduce energy consumption.

Thesis years: 2020-2023

Doctoral student: Camille Massié

Direction: Fateh Bélaïd

Location: FGES

Artificial Intelligence theme

  • Study of semi-supervised approaches for adaptive systems: application to the intelligent habitat and its adaptation to behavior.

Thesis years: 2020-2023

Doctoral student: Clément Bout

Co-supervisor: Abir Béatrice Karami

Location: FGES and IMT Lille Douai

Health theme

  • Molecular characterization of Cryptosporidium-induced neoplastic lesions (including cancer).

Thesis years: 2018-2022

Doctoral student: Manassi Sawant

Co-supervisor: Sadia Benamrouz-Vanneste

Location: Pasteur Institute of Lille