Year 2020


Year 2019


  • A. Auclerc, S. Barot, P. Billet, P. Clergeau,… L. Devigne,… M. Veyrières

BiodiverCité, wealth and issues of research on biodiversity in cities:

  • Douchet A,

Evaluation of the “Avesnois Mobilités” experiment set up on the scale of the Sud-Avesnois Community of Municipalities; 2019; Study report for Transdev.

  • Douchet A,

Project of experimentation and animation of a connected solution aiming to modify the modal practices of individuals; 2019; Study report for the Avesnois Regional Natural Park.

Year 2018


Year 2017


  • Devigne L. and Devigne C.,

Effect of organic farming on soil mesofauna biodiversity. Final report.

  • Douchet A,

Sociological survey of newcomers to rural areas in Hauts-de-France; 2017; Study report for the Hauts-de-France Regional Council

  • Douchet A,

Diagnostic measurement of sound quality in cities (MEDISOV) – Perception of inhabitants; 2017 Research report for the Ministry of Ecology

  • Douchet A,

Elaboration of the strategy for participatory housing; 2017; Study report for the City of Lille